What is EFT?

Have you heard of this “tapping thing”? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT or “tapping” is a healing technique. Any issue we are dealing with, from physical pain, to fears, phobias, and performance issue stems from and/or is impacted by emotional issues. At very least, we can all agree that being stressed out, anxious, or angry doesn’t help us to feel better, or be our best; Stress hormones in our body can impact everything,including, but certainly not limited to sleep, weight, insulin levels, blood pressure, and our immune system. The EFT premise is that when we “tap” on points on the body, it stimulates energy flow and helps to balance out disruptions. When we do this, we feel more at peace, and can eliminate many of the negative side effects of stress.

Anyone can learn it, anyone can do it. It’s growing in popularity and I recently heard an interview with a medical doctor discussing results from using it in an emergency room!

My personal favourite “EFT” practitioners include it’s founder, Gary Craig, Nick Ortner, CEO of the tapping solution, and Brad Yates (Tapwithbrad.com).

My EFT Adventures

I personally began my journey with EFT at a workshop in 2006. Having been in and out of traditional counseling, and on and off medications for depression and anxiety for a number of years, I had heard about it and felt it certainly couldn’t hurt. Our first exercise on “this tight stiff neck” had us ‘test’ how far we could turn or lean our head and “rate” the level of tension, and range of motion.  We then followed the instructor through this initially “strange tapping thing” (you want me to hit myself?)…and at the end of a couple of rounds, we re-tested the tension and range of motion in our neck. The results were impressive! Later, I worked through a childhood issue, and during one on one sessions, worked through some emotions around my romantic relationship. I was sold!! Since then I’ve had a “try it on everything”attitude with varying  -but always some level- of success: there is always more to work on, and the more issues you clear, the more peaceful you feel.

A few things I’ve “tapped on” for myself, family or friends:

-Trauma and memories surrounding an automobile accident (PTSD)

-Insecurity and Jealousy issues in a relationship

-”Healthy weight” including: food cravings, emotional eating, and finding exercise motivation

Courtney minus 20 lbs
Courtney minus 20 lbs

-Healing past relationship pain (Becoming my specialty!)

-Anxiety (General, Social)

-Feeling depressed

-Anger, Resentment, frustration

-Feeling unworthy

-Childhood trauma



-Studying/work focus

-Interpersonal and work conflict/“I’m always being criticized”

**I do not have medical/practitioner certifications** I am a certified Child and Youth worker which requires me to have some basic knowledge of symptoms of some mental health issues, and my own experiences. Anywhere I indicate a medical/DSM diagnosis, it is either previously diagnosed by a doctor, or, the intensity and number of symptoms were “similar” or “suggestive” of that diagnosis. If you choose to tap (alone or with me) as “brad says”: you take full responsibility for your own well-being!”

Happy Tapping!!