Courtney; the Girl, the Bad and the Chronicles.

 I’d like to tell you all that I am a 535568_10150263171894970_2044741951_ngenius, that reading this will make you smarter, healthier and really be a life changing endeavor… but here is the truth: I’m here solely for your amusement.  You may have an occasional “Aha” moment, you may relate to what I’m saying, you’ll probably even have a few laughs along the way… A  few raised eyebrows and a head shake fairly often.  Being told that I’m amusing and a great story teller is what lead me here… and the things that happen to me, every day, you just can’t make up. So grab a glass of wine (I would…) and join me on my journey… At worst, you’ll decide I’m not very interesting, at best, perhaps a pick me up on a bad day… You may even find yourself in a story that you didn’t know I was telling the world!    Welcome.


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