My Reba Story

reba“Great things happen when you trust in the universe, have positive thoughts, and step out of your comfort zone! Some things are worth looking like a goober for”. hehe.. So.. here the explanation on that statement.

I won tickets with LEA on Country 95.3 to see the taped CMT interview with Reba McEntire. So mom and I drove to Aldershot and jumped on the Go train to union station! (Being non Toronto drivers). We got to the venue an hour early and people were already lined up outside.

Casey Clark (CMT host and DJ on 95.3) -and Lindsay Stone (host CMT) were looking for fans to interview and my mom and our new “friends” volunteered me! EEEK.. I hope that thing about the camera adding 10 pounds in a myth. LOL…
So, I did the interview with Lindsay and talked about how I got my tickets and how exciting it was to be seeing Reba – feeling like an idiot the whole time.. (To be honest… I really hope they don’t air it. hehe..)

Inside, the man seating us heard me say I was on TV and misunderstood – he thought I said “I want to be on TV” and asked me if I wanted to ask Reba a question…
Did I really want to subject myself to feeling nervous and stupid again? SURE.. what the heck! .. A goober once, whats once more?!

Then he took us to the worst seats EVER – way at the back – behind a post and half the camera crew. I was trying to change my mind and tell him we would give up the question for better seats..but he kept saying “but you get to TALK to her. How many people get that?” Ok fine. but I was feeling like “this really sucks”.
At that moment I could hear my friends voice in my head; “Positive thinking.. Trust the universe, you are ALWAYS EXACTLY where you are meant to be at any given moment in time.” So I changed my attitude and started to focus on being thankful that I got the tickets at all, and the opportunity to talk to Reba (even if it was to ask a scripted question! lol…)

Mom and I both asked questions and both felt stupid about being in front of the camera. The crew let us stand up and move out of the crappy seats anyways, so it ended up not being so bad. At the end of the interview, Reba did not exit via the main door that she’d used to come in. NOPE!! She came right over to us, thanked us for being a part of the show, and mom and I got HUGS!! Reba is a former barrel racing farm girl.. so I told her she could come ride my horse whenever she wants LOL..

I HAD the opportunity at one point to change my mind about the question – and the seats- and if I had let my crappy attitude and self pity for having to sit at the back influence my decision I would have missed out on the TOTALLY COOL end result!!!! What a great experience..