Motorcycle Marriage Proposal

Officially one for the book…

Riding home last night after a great day, and as I approach the intersection at Murray and Colborne I see a guy in a fox jersey on a Yamaha Fist pumping the air (at me) – I wave. I’ve somewhat gotten used to in-traffic-male-reactions where the bike is concerned.

He pulls over and waits as I round the corner and rolls up beside me taunting me .. til the light at the fast Ed’s corner turns red. We stop, laughing and he says “nice bike!! “ light green.
Next red light:
“Are you married ?”
Me: “no.”
Him:”Do you wanna GET married ?!”
Me: “maybe!”
Light green.
He followed me all the way down Gretzky and at various lights shared his name (Nick) and that he rides on the ice at Oakland ponds..funny since I’ve seen that when I lived out there.
By the last light he had his phone out trying to get contact info while I’m nearly doubled over laughing and he says “I was just going to the bank but saw you, on that – and said; I should go propose to her.”

He’s a bit over fond of one wheel (I would have to set wheelie parameters in the prenup.) but otherwise …. Comedy Gold!!