The Creation of Harley Quinn

As usual, I had a blast with costume creation. Since I posted my shameless brag about the costume contest I think it’s fitting to share why I get so excited about this kind of thing!

I was bummed about Halloween this year (like the rest of the year) covid was having impacts on everything and the opportunities for gatherings and social events. Karaoke and covid restricted evening was an option and I debated recycling Wonder Woman. We decided to watch Hubie Halloween – and the Harley inspiration was born.

I could have dropped the $ for the costume – but where is the fun in that?! I like a challenge.
The first purchase was a white shirt from Walmart which I cut, sprayed, painted, outfitted with an iron on printable I created from an online image – and tossed it through my sewing machine.

Next I found a thrift store jacket (a little sad as this would have made a great pink ladies jacket actually)- and busted into the trusty krylon.

The Lettering on the jacket was a bit of a challenge – after some trial and error I learned how to print images poster size and created a “half ways” template and used that and chalk to lay out the lettering and then painted it with acrylic paint. When it wasn’t popping the way I liked , I busted out the glitter!!!

I cut strips of left over black vinyl and used craft foam and gold duct tape to make the choker and the wrist cuffs – I will do this differently in future as I lost some lettering and the Velcro ended up in my hair.

I modeled it with my converse and knew there was something just incomplete without shoes. I found a pair of heeled black boots at the thrift store, and painted them.

I laid out harleys tats on nylons which worked “sort of” and added fishnets. Topped it off with make up and spray in hair colour!


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