2018 and apologies for slacking.

I was forced to admit I’ve been slacking when I looked at the date of my last Post.  August 2017?! Seriously? Who does that?!

Perhaps a person who was scattered, busy, creating, building, falling, crying, and more or less so all over the map this past year that organizing any actual thought pattern seemed like an impossibility!  Readers, I apologize.

2018 was an interesting year.  I made some pretty big leaps, in starting my own business cleaning and repairing horse blankets.  I took the plunge to quit a toxic job last April, and started predominantly working for myself.  I’m proud to say I made it through summer, getting a quick crash course from the school of learn-by-doing in sewing and sewing machines, marketing, and invoicing.  With fall came a physical move, and the changing of seasons, that landed me in a bit of a tough spot, unable to do what I was previously doing.  – But I’ll be back!|-


In the mix of all of that, I tried my hand at giving my old camper trailer a face lift, which turned out very well actually.  Paint and some minor fixes inside and out and she was feeling like a brand new home this year in the bush!

In July I found the perfect little addition to my little fuzzy family after taking a drive “just to look” at a litter of husky puppies.  If you haven’t already met her in person, or via facebook or instagram… This is Miska. img_1916 “Miska” is an Alaskan name that means “little bear.” She’s a Siberian Husky, born on May 16, 2018 and has captured our hearts.

I spent a lot of time trailriding and enjoying cocktails around the campfire this summer. Made some new friends, and watched some things change.  I planned a corporate Christmas party, put together a fabulous Wonder Woman costume for Halloween, and even, traveled to Norway (might have to save some details for another post!)

December felt like a hard month, and I struggled to get into the Christmas spirit, but persevered, and feel like ultimately, the year was productive, and put me in a place of knowing what doesn’t work so well for me.  I’m setting some ‘micro’ goals, and doing a little brainstorming for the coming year, not from a hokey place of  pipe-dream ‘resolutions’ but more or less, just to feel better and have more natural momentum for 2019.

How was YOUR year?  What are you proud of? What are you grateful for?  What gives you satisfaction, or inspiration for the next trip around the sun?



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