Today’s revelation. 

I’m a professional at taking things to heart. I have always known I am a little sensitive, but I don’t think I realized the scope of this habit. Friends and family, please stop laughing. 

Twice today I’ve noticed myself anxious, irritated, disappointed, angry or sad, and thankfully stopped , reflected, (and done some EFT ) and realized this shit has nothing to do with me!
It’s not about me, it’s not directed at me, and the level to which it impacts me – basically revolves around how personally I take it. 

I am floored at how long it’s it taken me to come to this, and worse than that- I know it will probably take a few more times before it sticks! this reminds me of Marianne Williamsons story in a return to love when she speaks about her and a friend discussing dating and how personally she takes things “tell me honestly- how could I have done it differently?” I asked and I was shown. ❤️


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