I’ve been slacking!

Alright! theres no excuse I’ve been slacking. Here I am making a quick post just to see if anyone else is still out there, following me in my little corner.  I’ve added a page about EFT that anyone currently going through some “stuff” may want to check out and connect with me for a a free session.  (WHY NOT!?)

I’ve been participating, listening, tapping along and writing about the Tapping World Summit 2016 and loving it!!  My favourite topic so far has been healing past relationships pain! the funny part is, I somehow randomly ended up tapping on some “old relationship stuff” on my own, on the exact same day this was featured; before I knew what the topic was!!!  VERY COOL.  VERY INTUITIVE.

Thats the universe one step ahead of me!

Here is a card for all my facebook and blog friends for today, HAPPY LEAP YEAR

Trust anfeb29d follow your passion in your love life and career. Playing it safe can lead to staleness and depression. It’s safe to take risks and follow your hearts desire!!

I know this one is ringing true for me right now as I’m exploring my own direction with career and personal goals – and trying to stay a little more “zen” to take better care of my emotions and well being.

Does this card resonate with anyone ?



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