The Midnight Swim: “Editted” – For Tiny

I’ve often said about travelling that there is something about away from home that changes your mood or outlook and how things just flow differently.  Add a buck and doe for a life long friend, and a bunch of wobbly pops, even your mom can end up on a mechanical bull!

The party ended and we all went home.

Or… maybe we went back to the hotel, and mixed another round of drinks.  My mom headed for her room around 2:30am.  I sat there looking at my friend, feeling totally chilled out (Wisers deluxe style)- and announced:  “I’m not ready for bed yet.” And then… While glancing at the outdoor pool enclosure:   “…That’s a short fence…”

Within minutes, the plan was in place.  I maneuvered a Muskoka chair up close on the inside of the fence for an easier landing.  I announced I was going to get my suit, because getting caught and possibly tossed out of the hotel was a risk I was willing to take; doing so naked; was not.  As I “snuck” into the hotel to change, my mom stirred and opened her eyes.  I held my breath. I was going to get stopped. Or…. At least… delayed.  “What are you doing?” she asked.  I hesitated. I considered lying… then Wiser’s laughed and whispered “we’re sneaking into the pool.”  Her hand came out from the blankets and slaps me a high five.  Yep. That’s my mom.

Off we went. We then had a pre-game pep talk:

“Ok. So. Hop/climb there…”


“Then We have to move the solar blanket..”

“K… No splashing. And NO giggling.”

(We’re hardened criminals not school children right?!)


I ran and grabbed the top of the fence, flung my foot to the top rail, and landed easily in the chair.  We did giggle. We peeled back the solar blanket and slipped into the pool.  It was heavenly! I’ve heard that “the thrill of possibly getting caught makes it better” – I didn’t know they meant 3:00AM swimming.  We stayed in for a few minutes, swimming, in the rain, then snuck back out, replaced the cover and hopped back over the fence… And couldn’t wait to brag at breakfast.


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